In partnership with the Libyan Economic Salon

“Straight to the Point” Debate Program

The “Straight to the Pointdebate program aims to  energize the election process and voter turnout for the December 24, 2021 elections in Libya. It focuses discussion on the issues of importance to the Libyan people. To maintain high standard debate, in order to be considered for participation in the program, candidate will answer several general questions that are key to the well-being and livelihood of Libyan citizens today.

The program will also include informative follow-up webinars with the High National Election Commission, representatives of civil society, and prominent individuals from all corners of and ways of life in Libya. These webinars will be conducted both in English and Arabic.

Arabic webinars will be translated and subtitled in English and posted on the Transatlantic Leadership Network’s YouTube channel. They will also be carried on Libya’s major television and news outlets.

Application Process

Candidates who wish to participate in the virtual debate must provide brief answers to the questions in the application form below. Answers should not exceed 100 words, and should represent action-oriented campaign promises.

Applicants who submit a clear vision for their candidacy will be accepted to participate in our virtual program.

About our Partners

The Economic Salon is an advocacy group registered in Benghazi since 2016. It engages experts in economics, politics, law, banking, trade, energy, investments coming from all parts of Libya. The Salon organizes seminars and workshops and promotes innovation, entrepreneurship, and research and development in the country. The Salon also issues policy papers and recommendations addressing important issues faced by Libyan people.