The Future of Transatlantic Relations


The United States and Europe are in a period of transformation and redefinition of their relationship to each other, and to world order, that is likely to be profound. TLN is committed to address contemporary challenges and future prospects of this vital partnership through a range of activities, with particular emphasis on the future of NATO, U.S.-EU relations, and continued efforts to advance a Europe whole, free, and at peace.

The Future of NATO

In the wake of Russia’s war on Ukraine, NATO is engaged in its greatest transformation since the end of the Cold War. TLN offers regular commentary on the issues.

The Transatlantic Economy

TLN President Daniel Hamilton, together with co-author Joseph Quinlan, produce the annual award-winning The Transatlantic Economy publication, which presents the most up-to-date information on jobs, trade and investment between Europe and the United States. Their work provides the raw material for Thriving Together, an online platform that showcases the deep ties that bind Europe and the United States, including individual profiles for the 50 US states and 30+ European countries.

Featured articles and charts:

Key Findings

Executive Summary

Chapter 1 – Pain and Resilience: The Transatlantic Economy in 2022

Chapter 2 – Jobs, Trade and Investment: Enduring Ties that Bind

Chapter 3 – Shifting Dependences: Rethinking Russia, China, and Global Supply Chains

Chapter 4 – Digital Hyperdrive

Chapter 5 – The 50 U.S. States: European-Related Jobs, Trade and Investment

Chapter 6 – European Countries: U.S.-Related Jobs, Trade and Investment

Appendix A – European Commerce and the 50 U.S. States: A State-by-State Comparison

Appendix B – U.S. Commerce and Europe: A Country-by-Country Comparison

U.S.-EU Relations

The U.S.-EU relationship is among the most complex and multi-layered economic, diplomatic, societal and security relationship that either partner has. Networks of interdependence across the Atlantic have become so dense that they transcend “foreign” relations and reach deeply into our societies. Nonetheless, the two parties struggle to make their relationship truly strategic. TLN explores these issues.

Energy Security

The Transatlantic Leadership Network engages the strategic terrain of energy from different Atlantic angles. This includes: the role of energy in U.S.–European relations; the strategic importance of energy for Central and Eastern Europe and in relations with Russia and Eurasia; the emerging role of the Atlantic Basin as a major global energy reservoir; the importance of Eastern Mediterranean energy discoveries.