Max Levites

The Next Generation of Transatlantic Leaders

Max Levites is a fellow at the Transatlantic Leadership Network. He was previously an Executive Coordinator at Vital Voices Global Partnership, a non-profit organization that empowers women leaders around the world. Prior to joining Vital Voices, Max worked on a congressional campaign, and as a part-time consultant at Global Integrity where he was project manager for francophone countries. He also interned at UNESCO’s International Institute for Education Planning in Paris, France.

Max has an MA in German and European Studies from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and received certificates in Russian and Eurasian Studies and Diplomatic Studies. At Georgetown, he focused on EU relations with the post-Soviet space and wrote his thesis on EU engagement in Central Asia, providing recommendations for ways the EU could aid in the economic and democratic development of the region. He has a BA in International Relations and French Studies from the University of Delaware and is proficient in Russian and French. He also hosts a Eurovision podcast called Star Spangled Eurovision and was recently honored by Bank of America and Buzzfeed as one of their 50 under $50k.