Anne-Elisabeth Moutet

Media Fellow
Journalist, The Daily Telegraph

Anne-Elisabeth Moutet is a French journalist, writer and columnist. She writes for The Daily Telegraph in London particularly on international affairs. Born in Paris, she began her career at the VSD of Maurice Siégel and Jean Gorini as a reporter, then a correspondent in the United States (1979-1981). She then joined France Soir, before joining the Sunday Times as a correspondent in Paris in 1983. She was head of the Paris office of the Sunday Telegraph (London) from 1986 to 1989. After a stint at ELLE (French and British editions), she entered The European, becoming the head of the Paris office of the newspaper until 1998. Anne-Elisabeth joined The Daily Telegraph in 2007 as a columnist. Contributions to other print media include The New York Post and UnHerd along with the TV appearances for multiple channels, including: Arte, BBC News, LCI, BFM TV, France 24, CGTN, CNEWS, Deutsche Welle, RT, and others.