Sławomir Dębski

Europe Whole and Free

Sławomir Dębski – born 1971. PhD (Hist.), a foreign policy expert and an advisor to all Poland’s governments since 2000, a team leader, institution builder and interagency communication expert. He joined the Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM) in 2000 as a Russia foreign policy analyst, then he served at PISM as Eastern Europe research coordinator, head of the Research Office (2002-2007), deputy director and ultimately, for the first time, director (2007 – 2010). In 2008 he was nominated to the Polish-Russian Group for Difficult Matters (2008-2016). In 2010 he became a special appointee of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage for the establishment of the Center for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding (CPRDiP), responsible for drafting an act of the Parliament and legislation procedures. In September 2011 he was appointed a director of CPRDiP . In February 2016 he was appointed a director of PISM for the second time. In this capacity he was a head of NATO Warsaw Summit Experts’ Forum 2017 organization team, combining different domestic and international stakeholders. The Editor-in-Chief of “Polski Przegląd Dyplomatyczny” [Polish Diplomatic Review] (2007 – 2010 and 2016 -) and the Russian Language Quarterly “Europe” (2001 – 2010), an author of one of the most acclaimed monographs about the Soviet-German Alliance between 1939 and 1941, with two editions in Poland, and one in Russia (2018). He is also an editor of few volumes of diplomatic documents, dozens of foreign policy studies and essays.