Oana Popescu

Europe Whole and Free

Oana Popescu is a former State Secretary for EU Affairs and currently director of GlobalFocus Center, an independent foreign policy think-tank. She served as foreign policy adviser to the President of the Romanian Senate, programmes director of the Aspen Institute Romania and senior editor of the Romanian edition of Foreign Policy magazine, after being a foreign affairs reporter and editor. Her expertise covers mainly geopolitics and security in the EU/NATO neighbourhood, transatlantic relations, global political risk and strategic analysis, EU affairs, migration, development, democratisation and human rights, asymmetric threats (cyber, hybrid, stratcom, terrorism), shifting models of governance. Oana is an international consultant and media commentator, as well as writer and lecturer. She coordinates international research, public and expert strategy events and is managing editor of an international affairs quarterly with a regional focus. Oana was a Fulbright scholar at Yale University, with executive studies at Harvard and St Andrew’s.

Her most recent work has centred around internal and external threats to democracy, as well as malign influence of third party actors in Europe, but also shifts in global order and the impact of technology on society and politics. She has co-edited a widely acclaimed study, Propaganda Made-to-Measure: How Our Vulnerabilities Facilitate Russian Influence, assessing permeability to propaganda and subversion in the Black Sea region, a study based on an original methodology, also replicated by GlobalFocus Center in the Western Balkans.