Justyna Gotkowska

Europe Whole and Free

Justyna Gotkowska is coordinator of the “Security and Defence in Northern Europe” program in the Warsaw-based Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW), where she has worked since 2008. In her work she focuses on regional and European security and defence issues with focus on Northern and Central Europe. At OSW she has been following security and defence policy and armed forces’ development in Germany, in the Nordic and in the Baltic states. In recent years she has also been writing about NATO’s defence and deterrence posture on the Eastern flank and done research on EU’s security and defence policy from Central European perspective. She has conducted projects for the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs on bi- and multilateral military cooperation in Central Europe, security and defence cooperation between Poland and Germany and implications of CSDP development for Polish security policy among others. She has been also involved in projects focused on Polish-Baltic defence cooperation – in cooperation with Tallinn-based International Centre for Defence Studies (ICDS). In 2018 she took part in the International Visitor Leadership Program organized by the US Department of State. Ms. Gotkowska is author of multiple publications and security policy commentator for Polish and foreign media.