Michael Barbero

Michael Barbero

Vice President
Mediterranean Basin, Middle East, and Gulf Initiative

Mike Barbero, a retired US Army Lieutenant General, is a career Infantry leader, who has served in a wide variety of leadership assignments and has commanded forces at every grade, from Lieutenant to Lieutenant General. While a General officer in the US Army, he spent 46 months in Iraq over 3 separate combat tours of duty.

He possesses unique experience in leading large and complex organizations, directing combat operations, training forces and working with allies and coalition forces at all levels. He has 4 years of experience in the Middle East coordinating intricate political-military operations, advising senior government leaders and building capacities of foreign security ministries and forces while controlling a $13 Billion Foreign Military Sales program.

He routinely travels to the Middle East and Europe to develop business and infrastructure projects, meeting with senior political, security, industry and business leaders across these regions.

He has testified several times before Congress on security issues in the Middle East and has participated in numerous national and international media programs. He has also participated in numerous fora on international business and security issues.

Lieutenant General Barbero is a graduate of the United States Military Academy.