Maritime Law in the Eastern Mediterranean


The Eastern Mediterranean is a complex, at times volatile, political environment. It has received international attention as a region primarily characterized by instability, turmoil, conflict, terrorism and humanitarian crises. However, with greater risk comes greater reward. These discoveries offer an opportunity for substantial, positive change in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Significant cooperative efforts are underway that hold the potential to resolve regional instability and offer solutions to pressing problems. Several of the region’s maritime disputes require attention and dialogue in particular: Turkey-Cyprus-Greece territorial disputes; the Aegean Dispute (Greece-Turkey); and the Israel-Lebanon dispute.

These disputes could lead to greater instability in the region and hinder any possible gains through cooperation and windfalls from developing energy resources. Through policy papers and conferences on Capitol Hill, this project endeavors to identify challenges for resolution in the Eastern Mediterranean, assess development strategies, and provide a lasting framework for a more peaceful, prosperous region.

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