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The purpose of this volume is first and foremost to introduce Algeria to a new audience, from its long-ago origins to present day. The goal was to intrigue the audience in the United States to look at the untapped potential for cooperation that Algeria offers in a multitude of sectors. The volume begins with an account of Algeria’s history, from its origins, islamization, period under the Ottoman and Roman empires, colonization, independence, through today. It then continues with analysis on Algeria’s economy, its energy, agricultural, business, and education sectors, development, and relationship with the United States. This volume will serve as a milestone in the growing of transatlantic cooperation between Algeria and the United States.

About the Editors

Sasha Toperich is the Senior Executive Vice President of the Transatlantic Leadership Network. Previously, he was Director of the Mediterranean Basin Initiative at Johns Hopkins SAIS Center for Transatlantic Relations. He is the co-editor on multiple volumes concerning the future of transatlantic relations and countries around the Mediterranean.

Samy Boukaila is President and Managing Director of BKL Industries. Boukaila was a founding member and President of Algeria’s first think tank, Cercle d’Action et de Reflexion Autour de l’Entreprise (CARE). Under his chairmanship, CARE has partnered with the International Finance Corporation, the US State Department, and the African Development Bank to raise awareness on specific topics related to improving corporate governance and the business climate in Algeria.

Jonathan Roberts is a Research Fellow and Project Manager at the Transatlantic Leadership Network. He is also a Fellow at the World Youth Leadership Network and the Mediterranean Development Initiative. His research has focused on international relations in developing francophone countries.