Next Generation: Emergent Leaders in Libya

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About the Platform

The “Next Generation: Emergent Leaders in Libya” platform support efforts toward institution-building and reconciliation in Libya. It aims to inspire larger civic participation in Libyan communities and create a network of young emerging leaders committed to work to support, develop and promote:

– collective action and teamwork
– reconciliation within the country
– reparations for victims of war
– building of the Libyan national identity

The goals of the platform seek to energize and empower Libyan youth to actively contribute to the building of a pluralistic and inclusive Libyan society, free of autocracy and based on the rule of law, by engaging in panel discussions, writing articles and appearing on media addressing issues (problems) at hand offering solutions and best ways forward.

The platform will also address the corruption and bottleneck of the economy, including provision of services that Libyan people need, throughout the country, promote an independent judiciary and non-interference by the executive branch of the government in its work, and a stronger youth representation in the administration and government ministries.

Upcoming Events


Osama Abu Amer
Deputy Head, Libya Centre for Freedom of the Press

Mohamed Algirj
Journalist, Libya Al Ahrar TV

Ensaf Omar Al-Ansary
Founder, I Am Volunteer Organization

Yasin Kattab
Journalist and Writer

Mohamed Alshibani
CEO, Elite Communication Company

Opening remarks:
Dr. Ali Abusedra
Research Fellow, University of Hull, UK

Dr. Nezar Krikish
Chairman, Al-bayan Study Center

Panelists (Arabic)

أسامه أبو عامر
نائب المركز الليبي لحرية الصحافة

محمد القرج
صحفي في قناة ليبيا الأحرار

أنصاف عمر الأنصاري
مؤسس لمنظمة” أنا متطوع ”

ياسين خطاب
كاتب وصحفي

محمد الشيباني
مهندس و مدير شركة إيليتس للاتصالات

د. علي بوسدرة
زميل باحث
جامة هال، المملكة المتحدة

د. نزار كريكش
رئيس إدارة
مركز البيان للدراسات، ليبيا

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Recap: book launch of “Unheard Voices of the Next Generation: Emergent Leaders in Libya” [Read here]

Recap: book launch of “Unheard Voices of the Next Generation: Emergent Leaders in Libya” [Arabic] [Read here]

In the Press

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Book Launch: Emergent Leaders in Libya
December 9, 2020

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