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The Transatlantic Leadership Network and the Institute for Eastern Studies in Warsaw will organize “Free Trade Areas as tool for Economic Growth in the Age of Digitalization” at the 29th Economic Forum in Krynca-Zdroj:

The focus of many countries shifted from the free trade economic benefits they enjoyed past three decades to job losses, inequality, barriers to trade, and zero-sum thinking in trade that emerged and increased considerably after the 2008 financial crisis. Instead there is an urgent need for a new version of free trade—one that not only contributes to economic growth but also to job growth. This is needed now more than ever as the artificial intelligence industry will replace 2 billion jobs worldwide by 2030.

However, economic growth will not solve technological disruption alone. There is urgent need to create a workforce for the digital age. What kind of jobs could digitalization create? What would be its impact on sectors like e-commerce and logistics?